Systems Administrator


Posted by Cyrus Van Norman on March 10, 2015

We are looking for a hard-working, enthusiastic System Administrator. This candidate must be able o deploy virtualized Linux servers and assist us in bridging the gap between the servers and the application code. They must also know how to optimize server topology like a boss and spot network bottlenecks from a mile away. Are you up to the challenge? Then we need YOU to be ONTRAPORT’s new System Administrator. In this role, you’ll be responsible for the installation, configuration, administration and maintenance of the servers and technologies that support our web-based software application. We are looking for someone who’ll follow best practices and stay current on all new server and related technologies, while consistently and proactively maintaining the security of all our clients’ data.

Essential Functions:
  • Deploy Linux Servers Virtualized (OpenStack) or not.
  • Be able to install binary version of software on CENTOS.
  • Build code and perform code pushes.
  • Keep security patches to OS and software up-to-date.
  • Optimize server topology (TCP/IP).
  • Patch and test different versions of third party software.
  • Identify bottlenecks in network (network card, router, servers).
  • Monitor all servers and recommend where improvements are necessary.
  • Design and deploy Multi-Location Clustered Solutions.
  • Install new / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc.
  • Design Systems standards.
  • Forecast growth needs based on historical data.
  • Use and understand Git.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Attend department and team meetings.
  • Contribute to company projects.
  • Participate in weekly Think Tank.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
  • Know hardware and software inside out.
  • Previous experience with a Saas company.

Education & Experience
  • Three years of System Administrator experience.
  • Experience in OpenStack or Virtualized environments a big plus.


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Junior UI Engineer


Posted by loren on December 7, 2014

To work on, extend and improve the core codebase of our application, specifically improving the frontend experience for our clients. This includes learning new technologies which we may need to support clients or improve the development workflow, and maintaining any existing code.

Essential functions:
  • Develop, debug and implement Frontend tickets utilizing html, css, javascript and any other technologies that may be introduced.
  • Track down and squash bugs when found or reported.
  • Implement graphical UI renders and mockups into functional UI.
  • Estimate tickets level of effort.
  • Communicate with QA in ongoing effort to ensure smooth bug releases.
  • Follow code releases standards and ticket management processes.
  • Complete training assignments.
Additional responsibilities:
  • Be an active voice and assertive learner. Ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  • Assist senior / mid level developers.
  • Observe company rules like timeblock, completing weekly assessments, participating in drivers ed (in-house self management course), etc.
Education and experience:
A) Formal education required:
  • Computer Science or comparable degree. This can be substituted with experience in the field.
B) Years of experience and type of experience typically required for performing the essential functions of the position:
  • 0 if has a degree. But should be a familiar with javascript, CSS, and html.
Training Requirements:
  • It is our intention to hire you and to develop the position based on your skill set and ONTRAPORT’s growing needs. Your position will continually develop, evolve and grow. The current job description should be considered a basic overview of intended responsibilities with the understanding that many of the items may not be applicable to your job during your initial employment nor ever and many new aspects will be added as we continue to define the position.

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Senior Backend Engineer


Posted by loren on July 23, 2014

We’re looking for a talented Senior Backend Engineer. This person will work on, extend, scale and improve the core codebase of our application, specifically improving the backend experience for our clients. This includes adding new features as requested from our quickly growing customer base, learning new technologies which we may need to support clients or improve the development workflow, tackling optimization challenges due to loads associated with millions of transactions, and maintaining any existing code. Additionally, this person will mentor more junior members of the team and optimize the developer experience here at ONTRAPORT.

Essential functions:
  • Develop, debug and implement Backend tickets utilizing PHP, C++.
  • Advise non-technical peers of technical constraints or issues in designs.
  • Track down and squash bugs when found or reported.
  • Get familiar with the 3 aspects of our BE application: servers, our BE API and the database.
  • Estimate tickets’ level of effort.
  • Communicate with QA in ongoing effort to ensure smooth bug releases.
  • Follow code release standards and ticket management processes.
  • Update documentations and implement unit tests.
  • Take a project technical audit and be able to complete all the tasks on it.
  • Participate in the architecture of new features.
  • Supervise and assist junior developers in their development.
  • Participate in the code review process.
  • Flesh out POC (Proof of Concept) as instructed by senior staff members.
  • Manage and understand the concepts behind deploying the code base.
  • Handle Database changes and Schema updates.
  • Be on call for BE emergencies.
  • Technically audit: review and run initial project meetings.
  • Carry out Proof of concept / Prototyping coding.
  • Interview potential engineers; support and improve the recruiting process.
  • Think about scale and plan projects accordingly.
Additional responsibilities:
  • Be an active voice as you learn.
  • Assist senior / mid level developers.
  • Observe company policies.
Knowledge, skills, abilities:
  • In-depth working knowledge of OOP
  • Four+ years of experience with PHP, C++, Java
  • Experience with Linux
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational and scheduling ability

    Not required but strongly recommended:
  • HTML / CSS and Javascript experience
  • Experience with bug tracking software
  • Familiarity with a software development life cycle
Education and experience:
A) Formal education required:
  • A college degree in CS / CE is recommended but not required. A display of comparable skill can also be demonstrated through any web work experience.
B) Years of experience and type of experience typically required for performing the essential functions of the position:
  • Four years experience in web development using one of these languages: C++, Java, PHP
  • Four years experience working in a LINUX environment
  • Experience using a modern CVS system: Mercurial, Git, Subversion
  • Recommended:
  • Some Javascript and JQuery experience
  • Built or utilized a highly available API

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Database Administrator


Posted by loren on October 23, 2013

What we’re looking for

    We’re looking for a MySQL database administrator who can wrangle our many MySQL databases and our terabytes of data. You will oversee development and help with organization of our databases, as well as assessment and implementation of our exciting and rapidly growing new technologies and advancements. Our database administrators will work as part of a collaborative team to optimize and scale the Data layer of the business.

    Primary Duties
    • Monitor and provide recommendations for optimizing and scaling our Db infrastructure
    • Design and document database architecture
    • Design Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence platform
    • Build database scheme, tables, procedures and permissions
    • Monitor User Level Security
    • Maintain Server Uptime
      • Proactively monitor the servers to ensure secure services with minimum downtime
      • Responsible for providing trend analysis to management team to enable them to make informed decisions regarding resource management
      • Responsible for improvement and maintenance of the databases to include rollout and upgrades
      • Responsible for implementation and release of database changes according to agreed timescales and costs
      • Back-up & Recovery
    • Optimization and Design
    • Researching, testing, and implementing new technologies such as CouchDB, Cassandra, etc.
    • Designing and deploying our rapidly scaling server infrastructure
    • Researching and deploying worldwide DNS network to minimize dns latency
    • System Administrator
      • Profiling
      • Coordination with Manage Hosting Solution
      • Scheduled Maintenance
    Required skills
    • 5 years’ experience working in LAMP environment
    • Experience Optimizing my.cnf
    • MySQL query profiling
    • Data Modeling
    • Writing Queries, stored procedures, triggers
    • Monitoring system load in relation to mysql
    • Binary Log / Mysql Replication
    • Load Balancing
    • Strong oral and written communication skills
    • Capacity Planning
    • Mysql Cluster
    • NoSQL or other Database Languages
    • Experience with Big Data


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Web UI Engineer – Front End


Posted by loren on April 15, 2013

To provide technical support and contribute to the creation of new features and web applications for our extremely high traffic consumer facing web site. This includes providing Information Technology with a long-term perspective on the relationship of front end user interfaces to the business opportunities facing our company.
We value brains, engagement, passion, and a ‘no excuses’ attitude. Since we’re focused on delivering value to our client base quickly, we iterate fast and release often. We use an agile-like methodology that balances our need for quick turn-around with the knowledge that doing things right the first time pays big dividends. You take the long-view of product development and are excited to build-to-last so you write clean, clear code that others can understand and is scalable, object oriented, and commented.
After applying through this website, please include the words “Web UI Engineer” in the subject line of your email. Corporate culture is as important to us as the work experience you have, so make sure we sound like a good fit before submitting your resume.

  • User Interface
  • Interact with product managers to define and develop new products, features, and enhancements
  • Build mockups and prototypes to communicate and refine product/feature concepts
  • Contribute scalable, production-ready code for user-facing features
  • Develop reusable application components
  • Promote best practices for web user experience
  • Optimization and Design
  • Recommend improvements to the user experience through changes in infrastructure, server optimization, product interface, practices, and policy
  • Manage Load Times
  • Collaboratively work with development team to spec out new features to improve optimizations
  • Global Applications including language and currency features
Required Skills:
  • 5 years plus experience in Web Development
  • 3 plus years experience working in jQuery
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Building Applications
  • Experience with PHP, MySQL a plus

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